Food4Patriots – Is This The Perfect Long Term Food?

When I started doing research for both food to take backpacking and also food that I can store in my pantry as an emergency back up food plan, there were quite a few options.

Of course we have all heard of Mountain House and even Wise Food Company. I have tried both of these and they are both good in their own right – but for me and my family, we prefer Food 4 Patriots from 4Patriots Survival Food (source: It just tastes better to us, and we also like the message that it provides by supporting our veterans.

Food 4 Patriots

Fettuccini from Food 4 Patriots.

Be sure to watch this great new video that shows me cooking and eating Food 4 Patriots and giving my honest opinion:

As you can see in the video above – I actually cooked and ate all three types of meals in the 72 hour kit – and both my family and myself really enjoyed both the ease of cooking and also the taste. I was expecting it to taste kind of like other dehydrated food – but this was much more juicy and flavorful than I was expecting.

In fact, I thought I would have to force my kids to eat it – instead I had to convince them not to eat it all at once! Yes it is that good. But don’t take my word on that – try it yourself.

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