About Us

About Us

This is what Food Path used to do. It no longer applies to this site:

Foodpath develops, maintains, and assists programs to:

Provide food, volunteers and leadership each day for Breakfast Programs, to ensure that no Mississauga child begins his/her school day hungry.

Provides food, clients, and partnerships with the Healthy Start Program to reduce the number of low birth-weight babies born in Mississauga.

Provide food to other support agencies in Peel Region, Halton, Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton, and the GTA to strengthen the nutritional component of their programs and reduce their food budget costs.

Provide leadership and support for the development of programs for all people of Peel Region to enhance the nutritional quality of the food they eat and the meals they plan.

Networks with other social agencies and groups in Mississauga for the purpose of making food from Foodpath available to them and at the same time for Foodpath to benefit from their expertise in volunteer training programs and the delivery of these services.